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Louis Wayne


Richard Collin

Senior Partner

Steve Hills

Account Manager

Louis, who has always had a flair for learning, holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Benedictine University. She is currently a lecturer at her alma mater, demonstrating her unparalleled passion for knowledge transfer. This renowned scholar is also an award-winning UK business columnist with several published journals to her name. Some of these include ‘Corporate Philanthropy among Small and Medium Enterprises,’ ‘The Relations Between Ethics and Economics,’ ‘Economics, Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility.’ Unsatisfied, with her achievement as a lecturer, she founded the Ethics and Entrepreneurship organization to directly aid struggling entrepreneurs through their journey to becoming established business owners.

Richard grew up in the city of New York with a strong desire to market and grow businesses. Consequently, as a teenager, he started his own grocery store. His experiences as a successful teenage business owner contribute to his expertise as a business law and ethics practitioner. Today, he helps entrepreneurs to make accurate business decisions by aiding their legal and ethical understanding.

Steve is no newcomer to the world of economics. He has a decade of experience as an advertising and public relation expert of both startups and well-established businesses in three continents of the world. Andrew acts as a liaison between enterprises and their patrons in an organization that prioritizes young entrepreneurs and their business welfare. He bagged his master’s degree in public relations from Georgetown University. More than ever, he feels fulfilled as an account manager.


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